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MLS Listing $2,295

You may need to list your home on the MLS to sell faster but you don't need to pay a lot. 

Servicing Colorado Springs, Denver, Castle Rock, Canon City, Pueblo and Surrounding Areas. 

Too many offices and Agents still want to cling to the "old school methods" and fees for selling. They are unwilling to acknowledge the evolving changes in the way buying and selling homes has changed over the years. Homes Now Colorado saw the writing on the wall over 20 years ago and has been offering options for selling that conform to the current time and not outdated commission fees from decades ago.  

Homes Now Colorado is the perfect blend of a discounted fee coupled with the experience and knowledge that only a seasoned Agent can provide. My many customer reviews is a testament to the kind of service you will receive. Contact me today to get listed. 

No Upfront Fee 

No Other Fees Later

Payable at Closing 

The best way to contact me is to call or text me at the number below:


Happy Sellers

It's true! Dianne's low price is real! It is an excited feeling to look at your final closing statement and see the charges the buyer's agent took and just how little Dianne charged! There are no hidden fees. Dianne is AWESOME!!

Dianne Meyer is by far the best Realtor Professional I have ever worked with. She sets the standards for ALL other realtors to follow for process, responsiveness, negotiations and local knowledge. She should offer classes for other realtors. They have a lot to learn from Dianne. 

I interviewed several realtors before choosing Dianne and couldn't be happier with my choice. Dianne was professional in every way. Her one price approach is the leading edge in the industry. I will be working with Dianne again. 

Dianne is the best realtor I ever dealt with. Most realtors are afraid they might have to put some work into selling your listing but not Dianne. She was great to deal with even when we didn't agree. 

Happy Sellers

Wow! what a gifted and hard working woman. Dianne exceeded every expectation my wife and I had for helping us sell our house on our own. We initially tried to sell our house on our own and only after hiring Dianne did we realize how impossible this would have been without her help. 

First, Dianne is amazing! From the time we started this process of selling our house, Dianne worked diligently and has given us such great advice to help us advance the sale of our home! She was great communicating and keeping us informed on questions we would have. Dianne is energetic, sincere and works relentlessly for her clients. 

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