Appraisal Adjustments

A lot sellers feel anything done to the home should be an almost dollar for dollar amount added to the value of the home. This is not necessarily true. Some improvements may not have a lot of value when selling and some can downright be a problem. For example, here in Colorado, a huge outdoor pool may hurt the value of your home since most Buyers may not want a pool that can’t be used that often taking up practically the entire back yard. This could prove to be too costly to remove and replace with landscape. That is just one example, there are many others.

I have compiled a list of the most valid adjustments that appraisers use to establish the market value of a home along with the average dollar amount they use to make that adjustment.


For example, a home with a fireplace may be given $2,000 more in value than a home without it. For more detailed information on the most common appraisal adjustments and the average dollar amount they use, click the link below.  Keep in mind, however, that appraisers choose the dollar amount for adjustments and this can vary among appraisers.