As Is Sale

When you market your home "as is" for the purpose of not wanting to do any repairs, it may invite all the bargain seeking Buyers who tend to low ball offers when they see these type of listings. In addition, you may accept a lower Offer from a Buyer who knows you are selling "as is" but then they may likely turn right around and still hit you up with a bunch of costly repair requests. Of course you can remind them of the fact that you have already accepted the price offered which reflects the repairs that need to be assumed by them. 

Also, do your homework in advance and have a list of proposal or bids for the repair work you are discounting the home price. Without some type of known dollar amount for the repairs needed, you leave this to the Buyer to come up with, and often times a very inflated idea, what they feel the repair costs will be. Keep in mind, you should also be basing your repair on the average cost for a repair and not the cost for some top of the line materials the Buyer may be seeking. Let the Buyer pay the difference for anything that is much higher than the average cost.