Final Walk Through

The Buyer is entitled to a final walk through of the home just prior to closing. This is for the purpose of making sure the home is being surrendered in the same condition as when the offer was presented and that the Seller has vacated the home and left it in an acceptable condition.

After the acceptance of a contract, the Seller will be responsible for anything that could occur during the time the home is under contract. For example, if the furnace or hot water heater suddenly stop working, the Seller is responsible for repairing or replacing them. The Buyer agreed to pay a price for the home with these items in working condition.

Also, if the Seller has agreed to correct any inspection items that the Buyer presented to the Seller, these repairs will need to be completed prior to the final walk through also.

What happens if there is an issue at the final walk through? That is a somewhat grey area in terms of the contract. There is no standard verbiage in the contract that stipulates the Buyer’s right to not close and should the Buyer refuse to close because of something unacceptable at the time of final walk through, the Buyer could be in default. Typically, the Buyer and Seller will both attend the closing and decide at that time what can be done to remedy the problem even if that means resolving it after the closing.