HOA Documents

If your home is in a subdivision that is governed by an HOA, you will need to provide the HOA documents to the Buyers before the Association Documents Deadline date in the sales contract. It is the Sellers responsibility to provide these documents.  It is best to begin getting these documents in advance of a contract since it can take some time and there is only a short of time after the home goes under contract to obtain these documents.

The good news is most of them have a website to obtain information online.  If you have a website address for your HOA, please be sure to provide it to the Buyer to review any covenants or HOA documents. Be sure to establish a deadline date for the Buyer to have reviewed all these documents. The Buyer does have the right to terminate the contract if anything within the HOA documents are not to the Buyer’s liking or approval.

The same applies to covenants.  Even if you think you don’t have covenants or do not know for sure if your subdivision has covenants, often times you will find a link on the title information provided that old covenants do exist.