Improvement Location Certificate

An Improvement Location Certificate is a rendering of your property that shows the shape of your lot or land, the and the feet and inches along each parameter of your lot or land. It will also show any improvements made to the property such as the home or any outer buildings and where they are situated on your lot or land. This is to make certain there is no encroachment or easements for an adjoining property.

An Improvement Location Certificate may be required by either the Buyer, the lender or the title company. It is typically not required on smaller parcels within a sub-division or established neighborhoods.  You will find it requested more on a larger parcel of land where there are multiple outer buildings and possible fencing. The average cost for is about $350 but can run higher if your legal description is a Lot and Block Number. If your home is on acreage and not platted in a subdivision, the legal description may be known as a Metes and Bound legal description which is more difficult to survey for the purpose of an Improvement Location Certificate.

It should be established in the sales contract who would be responsible for ordering and paying for an Improvement Location Certificate if needed.

An Improvement Location Certificate is not be associated with a survey. A survey is a much more in-depth process whereby actual lot lines are established and marked. A survey is much more costly.