It is important to know that any inclusions beyond just the normal kitchen appliances and possibly the washer and dryer may cause a problem with a lender. Lenders do not want to lend on personal property and if you have a contract where you negotiated a higher price because you are leaving everything from the furniture to the family pet, you may encounter a problem. I have seen where some lenders want an addendum removing even a washer and dryer or a lawn mower from the sales contract.

The problem this may create is the Buyer won’t be happy removing the inclusions since it was negotiated into the contract and possibly even the price. If this happens, you may be able to sign a separate agreement or check with the lender to see if an addendum stating the value of the personal property being included is being conveyed at a value of $1.00.

While this may satisfy the lender that they are not lending on a bunch of personal property, it may create a problem with the appraisal if you have upped the sale price to cover the inclusions.