Below is a message from the website pertaining to new status changes. Both Zillow and are an automatic feed from the MLS and Agents do not have the ability make a status change. While the message below indicates up to a day, I have seen it take several days to update. In addition, I have also found that when a listing does update (in the case of a pending listing that was changed to active again), it may show up active again on but the other functions, such as the SEARCH feature, do not display the home at the same time it updates the status. It could take another 24 hours for your home to show up in the search function.

All active listings submitted to participating MLS’s should display on®. We download listings from most MLS systems every 15 minutes; however, it may take up to 1 business day for changes to reflect on®. Ensure that you are searching for your listing by both the MLS Listing ID, and the address before ruling it missing.