Scale Down for a Sale

There is an old term out there that says Scale Down for a Sale which is definitely good advice.

If your home is cluttered or loaded with wall to wall personal photos and pictures, Buyers will have both a hard time envisioning the real size of the room for furniture placement and envisioning them living in the home.

You are planning on relocating and will have to eventually pack up all your personal belongings, so why not pack up all the non-essential items and organize them somewhere out of sight before you begin showing the home. By doing this, you can expect your home to possibly sell much faster and possibly for a better price.

On the other hand, don’t go overboard by removing too much. A home with some furniture and pictures on the wall will be more inviting that just bare walls and no furniture. It is why you see a lot of staged homes. Staged homes create a much more appealing look and feel when a potential Buyer visits the home.