VA Conditions 

When a VA Appraiser performs an appraisal for the purpose of selling the home, they will cite a number of conditions that must be met before they will sign off on and release the appraisal to the lender. This is what as known as an appraisal that may have come in at the contract price but “with conditions”. The Seller will need to correct the items cited by the Appraiser and once completed, the Appraiser will need to return to the home to verify the conditions have been met. Below are a list of some of the conditions that may be cited and you may want to be prepared for these if you intend to consider a VA Buyer.

Also, please keep in mind the even conventional loan appraisals are coming back “with conditions.”

  • Utilities must be on in order to do the appraisal.

  • Must have access to the crawl space and attic in order to be checked for moisture, insulation and infestations.

  • Clean the home so that the condition of the floors, walls, cabinets, etc. can be seen easily.

  • Clean home for easy navigation (dog poop, large holes, etc.)

  • Have attic scuttle open and ready for the Appraiser.

  • Downspouts that do not drain away from the foundation.

  • Exterior wood on home and outbuildings need to be painted/treated if needed.

  • Peeling paint of home prior to 1978 must be scraped and painted due to possible lead based paint issues.

  • Grade must slope away from the foundation of the home. If the grade is sloping toward the foundation, fill or re-grade the area.

  • Unpermitted basement finishes must be demolished or permitted.

  • Must have CO detectors (within 15 feet of a bedroom). This is now a Colorado Law for all homes.

  • Hail damage to roof, siding and windows.

  • Missing shingles or siding that allows water penetration.

  • No exposed wiring/outlets.

  • No unstable steps or railings, lack of railings on steps or any situation that could be considered a safety hazard.

  • Unfinished renovations that effect the safety and valuation of the home.

  • Functional water heater drain tube.

  • All appliances must be functional.

  • Accessible hot water heater, furnace, electrical panel and well/septic if applicable.

  • Uneven cement that could be a tripping hazard.

  • Holes in doors and walls.

  • Photos will be taken of each room.